Visiting The Sno Parks Of California- The Fun Place For Kids & Doggies

Who doesn’t love to play and have fun in the snow? Yup, as long as you don’t have to shovel up all that snow, it’s all fun and merry making, isn’t it?

The California state Department has organized Sno parks at various locations along the Sierra Nevada for all of us who love to enjoy the cool snow. There are various recreational activities for the entire winter season. Kids will simply love to be taken to one of these sno parks during the season. Did you know that there are actually places where your dogs can also be taken? You should see how much they enjoy playing around in the snow.

Before we enter into how much fun we can have at the parks, take a look at certain basic information about these places.

The sno parks will have parking lots (free of snow, of course) and washroom facilities. It’s always a good idea to check about the snow conditions in advance to know if you will be able to enjoy the maximum. During heavy snowfall, some of the parks do not provide complete access to the visitors, for safety reasons.

You will need a sno park permit to use the facilities at the sno parks. You can get this either online or from the various vendors.

There are both day permits as well as seasonal permits.Normally the Sno park season is from November 1st to May 30th every year. The cost is normally $5 for a single day permit. The seasonal permits are at the rate of $25 for the entire season.

Fun and frolic at the park
There is so much you can do in the park with your kids and dogs. Both these groups just love burrowing and frolicking in all that snow. What else can you do apart from the favorite time pass of making the famous snowman!

Hide and Seek
What you have to do is hide small toys, chocolates or even dog treats in the snow and get the kids as well as your dogs to dig them up.

Snowball Catch
A game for dogs who love the chase. Make snowballs and throw them around. Allow your dog to catch them mid-air and eat them all up! If kids are at play, they can throw the snowballs at each other with their favorite pet running in between!

You can simply make up so many games as there are no rules at all. Some other games include:-
· Snowman Attack
· Slide through the snow
· Snow Creatures
· Snow Castle.
· Hula Hooping
· Bulls eye the tree

Important information:-
SNO-PARKS which include snow play areas:
· Yuba Pass
· Donner Summit
· Blackwood Canyon
· Taylor Creek
· Echo Lake
· Carson Pass
· Meiss Meadow
· Iron Mountain
· Spicer
· Balsam Meadows
· Coyote
· Rock Creek

Sno parks that have excellent facilities for dog sledding:
· Hope Valley
· Highway 108
· Tamarack
· Eastwood
· Huntington Lake

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