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Top-Rated Ski Resorts in the World

Popular Skiing Resorts For Adventure And Relaxation

Skiing is a popular winter sport which is widely practiced by skiers who live in United States of America. All the states in the U.S do not possess ski resort options. Thus, they travel to several other countries so that they can explore skiing in the best terrain. Skiers also visit spa resorts for a relaxing massage after a tiring skiing practice. Spa and body massage services are necessary for professional skiers. Skiers visit the skiing resort mostly during the winter season. Thus, the skiing and spa resorts indeed contribute to the economic growth of a country in the winter season.

Here you would know about the list of popular skiing resorts and spa centers where skiers can relax their body and mind.

Famous Skiing Resorts

Breckenridge, Colorado- This is the famous skiing resort in Colorado. This is a historic skiing resort with amazing terrain which is ideal for skiing. The wide variety of terrain is about 3000 acres, and it is considered as a mining town. Skiers can enjoy lodging facility in this skiing resort. It is located close to the Denver International Airport, and this is the main reason for its popularity. The average annual snowfall is about 300 inches. This famous vacation resort contributes a lot to the Breckenridge economy as more number of tourist visit the resort during winter.

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Whiteface Mountain, New York- This is a popular ski area which suits for skiers of all skill levels. This is a 3 acre inbound and off-piste terrain. It would cost nearly $430 for an individual when they enjoy skiing for a day. Skiers can explore several other activities in Lake Placid which is located close to Whiteface.

Squaw Valley, California: It is one of the largest skiing resorts which comprises about 6000 acres. It is a historic terrain as it was the host of 1960 Olympic games. This skiing resort offers employment opportunity to people, thus impacting economic growth.

Silverton Mountain, Texas: This is a popular ski area of people of Texas. It is mostly suited for small groups, and it can be reached easily from the town. The terrain looks great, and it is a great place for skiers who are just started with their skiing sport.

Aspen Resorts, Florida: This skiing resort is located in a convenient location as it can be reached easily. The Aspen Company owns several hotels, and this offers attractive job opportunities, especially in the winter.

Popular Ski-Spa Resorts

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It requires a lot of energy and stamina for performing skiing in the slopes of popular ski resorts. Skiers would need a relaxing body massage after the skiing activity. It is essential that one has to prepare his/her body before skiing with the right spa treatments. Skiing and spa going is a perfect combination which offers relaxation to the body and mind. These resorts provide psychological and physical exercises for people. Spa services are becoming popular among sports enthusiasts. Thus, a wide variety of spa services are included in ski-resorts. Here- Check Out the popular ski-spa resorts around the world.

A pre-ski massage increases the blood circulation and increases the elasticity of the muscles. This would be of great help for skiers as it would prevent from the injury caused due to accidental fall in slopes. A post-ski massage is required to relax the muscles, and it avoids muscle soreness caused due to hard work in the slope. Spa therapist recommends for a deep-tissue massage after a tiring day on the slope.

The following are some of the popular ski-spa resorts.
Bagni di Bormio Spa Resort, Bormio: This is a popular spa-ski resort which comprises of two hotels and two spa centers. Visitors are pampered with a hydro massage bath and mud facials.

Tschugeen Grand Hotel Arosa: This resort is located in a valley, and it is a suitable location for skiers of all levels. This spa-ski resort is known for its highly effective steam and hot stone massages.

The above offers a clear insight into the famous ski resort and ski-spa resorts in various parts of the world.

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