Hiking Tips and Tricks

“The weather could be frightful, But the trails seem delightful. As you are ready to hike, Enjoy the crisp, fresh air to ward of the winter blahs”. Since you have decided to hike in winter, Here are a few tips to Hike comfortably to get your maximum fun and adventure throughout.
Dress like the vegetable Onion:
It means to dress in layers. This is essential especially if you are hiking in cold weather. The temperatures can vary at the bottom of the trail and on top of the peak. Having layers will help the body in regulating the heat and make sure you stay comfortable throughout. Always wear a thick sock as it’s your toes that feel the cold in the first hit. You may even have two layers of gloves or mittens. One coating for waterproofing, the other for insulation.
Start early and small:
Be prepared to start some early morning hiking, as the sun set early in the winter. It is better you trial before it gets too dark. Be reasonable about your distance; There can be nothing more frustrating than wading through snow, waist deep. So keep a known trial to enjoy without much difficulty.
Safety Gear:
A trial Map, A pocket Knife or multi-tool, Hand warming Packets, Headlamp and first aid kit are a must to carry for the hikers apart from the hiking gears. These are a must and should for every winter hiker in case of an emergency. If the hiking is for a day or two, you may split up the heavy items among your group.
Keep the weather in check:
This is the first and foremost step before beginning your hike; It is essential to get a complete image of the prevailing conditions before you set your foot out on a hike. Avalanche reports, daylight hours, wind speed, are a must to be checked. It is quite easy these days to get your weather reports.
Use Crampons:
If you have never tried crampons, it is good to read the technique of using them before you try them. Always practice putting them on and off.
Experienced friend:
Hiking with a friend is always better. If its an experienced friend there couldn’t be anything greater.It’s not only fun to share an adventure with a friend, but it is also safe to take a friend along. Also remember to leave at least one friend to let your home know, where you are gone.
Make Tea or cocoa:
Always carry plenty of water along when you are hiking. Dehydration is a persisting problem during hikes, so it is essential to have a lot of water, you could make it comfortable by making a cup of coffee or tea in portable stove that you carry. A hot cup of liquid can provide a warmth amidst the freezing temperature a perfect solace.
Get yourself a good gear before you start, Keep reminding yourself to turn back at one point of time and remember to have a good meal, to make your hiking experience a very wonderful one.

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