Winter Ice Games

Winter is here and its high time you get outside for some fresh air and exercise.There are varieties of winter ice games to have fun with.
Here is a list of some games and activities to be played in winter.
1.Ski Lift: It is going to be really amusing. All you have to play this game is a very long and thick rope. Apart from rope, you would be needing two groups of friends who can play as teams on either side of the rope. Flatten out the trench to serve as a centre-line. Get ready to play the tug of war in the snow and have fun.
2.Powder Puff ball:In this game just needs three players of two team. .Use a filled spray bottle with coloured water to mark your field.Have the teams line up at the opposite ends.A player of the opposite team catches the ball ,She will try to move forward towards the field line,to the other teams goal end by running the ball and passing it to their team. Just get a ball and enjoy the powder puff football in the snow.
3.Dodgeball: The winter dodgeball is played similarly to the original dodgeball, but to be played with snowballs. Pack your snowball loosely so that it doesn’t hit you very hard. Just Have your friends split into two teams and move on throwing the snow balls at each other. If anybody catches the ball, then the thrower gets out of the team.
4.Capture the snow flag: A wooden spoon and a white piece of cloth is all you need to play this game. Tie up the spoon with the cloth, Mark a boundary and begin the game. Hide your spoon in the marked area and let the other team find it. Set your stop watch and clock the timings of the team and decide the winner.
Snow Baseball: Initialise by making big chunk of snow balls. Once it is done, make your diamond by using four snow drifts for house plate, one, two three and a base. Place a cap on top of the four drifts in the diamond., Taking turns play the game by making a player hit the pitcher’s mound. The players who uses very less snowballs to knock, wins the game.
HatTrick: Building a snowman could be great fun for this game is to make fun out of the snow man. Just build the snowman and stay without placing a hat on top of the snowman. That’s where the game begins. Stand ten feet away and aim your hat right on the snowman’s head, and whoever gets it first is the winner of the game.
Fix the nose on snowman: Once the snow man is complete, don’t put the carrot on his nose, just blind fold everyone to place the nose correctly, whoever places it wins the game.
Apart from the games listed above, there are various other winter games for having fun and burning good amount of calories.Start planning your set of games and enjoy.

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