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The Emergence Of Spa Resorts In Tourism

Spa Resort

Health tourism is an emerging segment gaining fame attracting tourists from far and wide. Today, every resort that wants to stay in the business, has a spa facility included for their guests. Ayurveda is a major source of attraction and is generating income. It has turned out into an USP for health tourism. It is a complete package for physical, psychological and spiritual upliftment. Herbal therapy is gaining popularity and international resorts have embraced it in their spas to give their guests a feeling of comprehensive rejuvenation.

Our spa is run by top therapists with experts in herbal therapy with experience at RiverDay Spa, a leading Ayurvedic spa destination. www.huffingtonpost.com has voted our facility as one of the best spa resorts in the country.

Benefits of adding a luxury spa at a resort:
Hoteliers and resort owners are adding luxury spas to their facility to create a competitive advantage. A spa facility at resorts is advantageous in:

  • Bringing in more guests
  • Enhancing guest experience
  • Driving up the revenue, ADR and profitability
  • Adding to the revenue stream
  • Raising value of the property

Spas need to be managed strategically to prevent a loss. There is always ebb and fall in the demand. During the high demand period, guests are even denied low cost or low-profit spa treatments. As a result, the customers are disappointed. The resort management has to realize that spas are not just a value addition but can also generate income. During low demand period, competitive pricing techniques, discounts, couple offer, honeymoon package, gifts, referral coupons bring in more customers. The spa is treated as part of the revenue management policy.

Some of our findings on revenue management are listed below:

  • Identifying the treatment that brings in more profit and which treatment generate the total spa income.
  • Identifying the treatment that is least sold and the highest sold. Also checking out which day of the week, the demand is high.
  • Sales follow-ups can get more clients. Offering gifts, discounts, accessories can add to the sales.
  • Better cost management by reducing the time between two treatments and promote treatments that give higher profitability.

Predominantly, ayurvedic treatment not just focuses on therapy alone but also diet, lifestyle changes and embracing naturopathy. Health tourism is part of our resort spa program promoting age-old remedies giving a complete holiday experience to the guest. Turning our resort into a health facility providing Ayurvedic remedies has proven to show desired results. We serve guests with different body types and beauty requirements. The treatment helps to regain the vigor and vitality of the body and increases immunity by improving antioxidant properties. Our resort management has also worked on weight management programme as part of the spa therapy. This offers supplementary services to the guest to restore their well-being.

One of the most popular Ayurvedic therapies in our spa is the Panchakarma therapy where five types of healing procedures are followed for internal and external rejuvenation of the body and mind. Some of the other therapies include Abhyanga massage, steam bath, Nasyam, Kativasti, and Shirovasti. Give it a try the next time you visit!

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