Ice Games

The cold winter days are starting, and the little ponds have turned ice. Get on our skates to go out and enjoy. Ice Skating is a sport of skating across an ice surface. The skates are fixed with blades at the bottom.
Once you have decided to enjoy the ice skating, it is essential to know how an ice skating is done. These are initial steps to remember before you begin Ice Skating.
1.Body Position: A very common mistake of any beginner is to stand upright. You have to bend your knees slightly and keep the weight on the balls of your feet. Keep your tummy in, your chest and shoulders face forward. Arms slightly out to the side for extra balance.
2.Pause and Move: Takesteps with toes pointing outwards until you start skating. Get your feet back to the centre between every ‘push,’ if not you may lose your balance. Learning to stop is the primary step in ice skating. The easiest way to learn it is snow ploughing.
3.Your Shoulders: There is no need to work with your foot when you want to turn. Just shift your outside shoulder forward to make it a very graceful arc.
4.Keep a check on your blades: It is essential for your blades to be very sharp to get a grip on the ice. Otherwise, you might feel slippery or you will have no grip or control over your skates. Just ensure your blades sharpness to have a good ice skating.
5.Break your fall: Remove your hands from the ice as quickly as possible when you have a fall. As much as possible avoid to keep your hands on the ice, even if a necessity arises, just use your knees.
Speed Up: Speed up the process to keep your fitness benefits of skating intact. Boosting the power of push will help you get faster.
Choosing Skates: There are two types of skates one is the figure skates, and the other is hockey skates Ice-Hockey skates are more safe and comfortable when compared to the other. Ice -Hockey skates are also more durable.
The benefits of skating are plenty:
Skating will improve balance and coordination of the body. Speed skaters can spend up to 950 calories per hour while a beginner can easily spend about 450-600 calories on ice. This is because a body has to maintain the temperature in the freezing atmosphere which would make the body expend more calories. Skating will result in very strong thighs as the bending knee position is the exercise which would result in that. Your bone density is likely to become higher when you play ice skating.
Now that you are aware of the basic idea of ice skating, I am sure you might want to try it out soon. Remember that there are chances of breathing problems, so keep yourself safe before you begin your ice skating fun.

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