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Slope View is ready to welcome you and your loved ones for a fun adventure. We have several activities set up for all the members of the family to enjoy their stay with us. Slope view is the best getaway when the sun starts beating down on you. A few days in our beautiful resort will have you out of your blues in no time and raring to take on any challenge by the horns.

Summer Activities
No matter which season you plan on visiting us, we have activities lined up for you. The summer activities include a glorious hike through the magnificent Winter Resort Park. The breathtaking views will have you forgetting all your worries and enjoy Mother Nature at her best. If you would rather pick a more physical activity, we have over 50 miles of mountain terrain that you can bike through and soak in the natural beauty of the Winter Resort Park. It is a paradise that needs to be viewed in all her glory. We have plenty of bikes in all sizes for rent, so that you can choose to bike through any of the three terrains of the Winter Resort Park. If fishing is your thing, Slop View offer you the chance to catch a fish along the Frasier Trail. Use this chance to catch some wild fish and become the envy of your friends.

Winter Activities
Slope View is a haven for winter activities. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, walking tours, and so many more activities are waiting for you at Slope View. Once you have enjoyed the hospitality and all the fun at Slope View, we promise you that you will soon be planning your next trip to come back and visit us! Many companies even bring down their teams to Slop View for team building activities. By the time they leave, each of these teams would be better coordinated and have a bonding that will last for a long time to come.

Restaurants And Bars
The Slope View Resort boasts of the largest restaurant this side of the country with the Moffat Market. The authentic food served by the trained chefs will have you licking your fingers in no time at all. Or if you plan on having a special evening with a special someone, take the ski lift and dine at the summit. This once in a lifetime experience is sure to impress your partner. The beautiful scenery provided at the summit makes it the perfect spot of romantic proposals. Our staff is ever helpful in making sure that your proposal goes smooth without a hitch as you wait to hear “yes!” from your special someone!

In case you came ill prepared for the activities at Slope Vie, never fear! We have all the equipment you will at several stores that are found all over the resort. We even have Showcase Snowboards and Mountain Adventure Center for hardcore winter activities. We also have basic amenities for any need that might crop up during your stay with us.

Slope View promises you the best of everything and more. A relaxing weekend or a fun filled weekend, the choice is yours! All you need to do is book a room for the weekend and make the decision for yourself. Hurry before the rooms fill up!

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Slope View is a beautiful vacation getaway with year around activities, amazing views of the Continental Divide and unique amenities

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